A bug spray for adults and babies alike that doesn't stink!

This is already my second bottle of Shoosha’s Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray and I love it because mosquitos attack me all the time. Almost every time I am outside in the summer I get several bites. Lemon scent is known to repel bugs and mosquitos, but the added scent of eucalyptus makes it much more pleasant to have on my body. The aroma lasts for up to 3 hours and is a great moisturizer as well! It goes on super smoothly and doesn’t feel thick or greasy at all. This product was of especially great use to me at the beginning of summer; almost every day I was out on the balcony working, so I was very happy to have this on hand.

With 99% certified organic ingredients, this product is sure to keep you out of harm’s way of annoying summer insects. This product causes no damage to the environment and is as safe and gentle as possible for you to use.

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