A quick guide to colour therapy and essential oils

One of the great benefits of teaching from home is that I can really take the time to stretch without worrying about time. I’m not worried about catching the bus, I’m not worried about eating dinner at a reasonable time, and I’m not feeling rushed to finish up my stretches. I am so spoiled that I can take a relaxing 30 minutes after my Zumba classes to take care of my body and properly recover. I dim the lights, put some lo-fi music on, and turn on my diffuser (gifted to me from one of my amazing students). Lately I’ve really been digging lavender oil. Lavender oil is commonly used to soothe anxiety, stress, and insomnia, which makes it perfect for night time stretching. Diffusers are super simple to use; just fill with water and add 6-8 drops of your favourite essential oil blend. Some diffusers also double as a Bluetooth speaker, some have an alarm clock; you can really have a lot of fun with them. Coloured light is another common aspect of diffusers which can affect your mood. Purple light in particular helps you to fall asleep.

I love playing with my diffuser and I invite you to try it as well.

Don’t know where to start? I’m breaking down common essential oil scents and their benefits, as well as colour light and their benefits.

Essential oils:

Lavendar: calming and relaxing (try in the evening as you wind down or even as you sleep)

Tea Tree: cleansing and purifying (use it when you have a cough or are feeling congested)

Eucalyptus: refreshing and invigorating (also useful when you have a cold)

Peppermint: cooling and refreshing (great for relaxing on hot summer days)

Citrus: cleansing, clarifying and uplifting (try it in the morning to set the mood for the day)

Colour light:

Red: energy, stamina, stability, passion

Orange: creativity, productivity, optimism, enthusiasm

Yellow: fun, humour, logic, intellect, creativity

Green: balance, harmony, communication, acceptance

Blue: calmness, peace, emotional depth

Violet: intuition, meditation, relaxation

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