Delicious chocolate protein powder that is CLEAN, TRACEABLE and PURE

Thank you to Garden of Life for creating this blend of clean organic protein. This delicious chocolate flavoured protein powder makes it quick and easy to hit your daily quota in protein AND greens! We all know our body needs protein to function, especially an active body. Protein helps to build healthy muscles and repair muscle tissue after an intense workout. A diet sufficient in protein is also helpful in weight management as it can boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and help you keep/gain muscle mass. One scoop of this powder gives you 20 grams of raw, organic protein from organic sprouted brown rice, organic peas, organic chia, organic navy beans, organic lentil beans and organic garbanzo beans. Also boasting 6 organic greens and veggies, the alfalfa grass juice, spinach, kale, broccoli, carrots and beets promise to bring energy to your busy and stressful days.

So what did I think of this product? The first thing I did when I opened this protein powder was smell it. It smelled VERY GREEN lol. Kind of smells like fresh cut grass. After blending it, however, you would never know that there were greens or veggies inside. I particularly liked this protein powder because it is not too sweet. I like to use a ripe banana and vanilla almond milk in my smoothies, so sometimes in other protein powders the combination would be way too sweet. This one was perfectly satisfying!

In my smoothie today: Vanilla almond milk, a banana, frozen strawberries, and a scoop of chocolate protein and greens! Give it a try!

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