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Our workshops are for you if:

  • You want to have fun and feel good about yourself while working out

  • You want to feel a sense of belonging and be part of a community of other resilient people

  • You want to be able to accept your body even if it changes in appearance throughout your life

For decades, the fitness industry has profited off of our insecurities... but it doesn't have to be that way!

We all deserve to have the skills to be RESILIENT.

We all deserve to be able to ENJOY fitness, without being constantly reminded about how we look.

"I know how mentally draining it is to be constantly surrounded by messages to hate your body and that you need to change how you look. Through my own experiences, and the experiences of my numerous clients over the years, I have compiled a program to teach participants how to feel better about themselves through fitness. By removing how we look from the dialogue we create space for joy, for fun, and for total body acceptance. Fitness is FUN!"

- Jenni Morse, founder of Rise with Resilience™ -



“Jenni does a great job of making you feel comfortable in your own body. No judgement, and she has a way of keeping you going in a fun way!”

- Emily -

“Jenni, I love your beautiful spirit. You are a kind and inspiring instructor. This program and your classes drastically helped me to reduce my work stress level and put life into perspective.”

- Laure -

“I feel proud of what I can do, physically, as a result of participating in this program. It also increases my feelings of happiness - it gets my endorphins firing! I love the music you use. I LOVE your inspirational spirit!! Thank you for keeping me active.”
- Joni -



sign up for one of our upcoming workshops


learn how to take ownership of your fitness journey by prioritizing your physical health, the right way


we'll wrap up the day with an uplifting and empowering fitness class, where you'll be able to immediately use your new skills


In this 2 hour workshop you will learn how to approach fitness from a body neutral perspective, and how to rise with resilience in fitness and in every day life.

Jenni will take you on an eye-opening and light-hearted journey through the history of fitness.


We'll come up with our own body neutral fitness goals together and at the end of the workshop you will immediately utilize your newfound empowerment and acceptance of your body during an invigorating Zumba class. There will also be activities and games sprinkled throughout!


Leave the event with actionable steps you can take right away to start living your life the way you always wanted to; without obsessing over what you look like.

Ready to RISE?


to register for our next workshop in Montreal!

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