Rise with Resilience is a unique fitness experience that offers a safe space where people from all backgrounds can come together and move. By focusing on how movement makes us feel, we create space for joy, for fun, and for confidence to RISE! All our classes are music based so they are FUN and there is never any mention of what we look like. We are constantly moving to the beat, improving our physical health, shifting our mindset from how we look to how moving makes us feel, and most importantly we’re having a damn good time!

Weight, height, age, gender identity, race; these are only some of the numerous ways you might feel at odds with your body, and the fitness industry and diet culture certainly don’t help. Bodies change, bodies fluctuate. We go through tough times. We are constantly faced with adversity, discrimination. But guess what… you are RESILIENT.


This is your time to celebrate all that you have been through and indulge in fitness that is empowering. You deserve it.

About the founder
Originally from Toronto, Jenni Morse spent 10 years touring Canada and the United States with several professional dance companies. In 2013 she moved to Montreal to further pursue her career in dance. It was here that she discovered Zumba and a newfound passion for bringing joy to people’s lives through movement! Since propelling herself into the fitness industry, she has hosted numerous Zumba Fitness parties and fundraisers, taught at several of Montreal’s most popular fitness clubs, and helped countless men and women to feel strong, fit, and confident!