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Meet the Speakers

Get to know the ladies of Together we Rise, 2023


Founder of Rise with Resilience™
Jenni Morse

I know first-hand how mentally draining it is to be constantly surrounded by messages to hate your body. I’ve been through it, and many of my clients have been through it as well. As a long time fitness professional and former dancer, I always found it hard to find a community that was truly uplifting, empowering, and body neutral. Fitness has always been my own personal source of empowerment, so now I aim to heal others’ negative body image through fitness. Because (and as I always tell my clients) fitness can be fun, and fitness feels good.


When I came to Montreal in 2013 I discovered fitness instruction and a newfound passion for bringing joy to people’s lives through movement! Since officially propelling myself into the fitness industry, I have consistently been passionate about teaching fitness that is fun and makes people feel good about themselves, regardless of where they’re from or what they look like.


I have hosted numerous fitness parties and fundraisers, trained clients at several of Montreal’s most popular fitness clubs, and helped countless women to feel strong, resilient, and confident! In 2020 I officially launched Rise with Resilience™ with the mission of helping women heal their negative body image through fitness. Rise with Resilience™ offers a multitude of programs including personal training, group classes, and private workshops. I am so excited to be able to additionally bring the Rise with Resilience magic to the public in a new format - combining workshops, presenters, and fitness classes. Together we Rise events aren't just about building resilience or “working out”, but fostering community as well.

Intuitive Eating Coach

Meg Henkenhaf

Meg started right where you are. So stuck in an endless cycle of dieting and bingeing, feeling so out of control around food. After many attempts at treatment and therapy, her own journey to recovery looked a little different than many of the other approaches.  Now, after many years of a fuller, freer, healthier relationship with food and her body, she has taken those same techniques and tools to help other women become success stories when it comes to rebuilding their relationships with food and their bodies - effortlessly.

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Yoga Instructor and Inclusion Consultant
The Yogini Nancy

The Yogini Nancy discovered yoga and meditation at a silent meditation retreat in Bali, Indonesia, while looking for serenity when she was on exchange at the National University of Singapore. She later completed her Yin, Gentle, and Hatha teacher trainings at HappyTree Yoga with Melanie Richards in Montreal. Nancy completed her Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training at Naada Yoga and did her hands-on assist training with Asami Yoga in Montreal. She was trained by Melanie Shanti Faucher to guide pre and post natal yoga classes and most recently, she completed her 300-hour teacher training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Adjustments at Kranti Yoga in Goa India.


Nancy is a Vipassana meditator. She completed her 10 day silent meditation course in Merritt BC in 2015. She has been teaching and practicing mindfulness ever since.⁠
⁠Nancy is a McGill Law School graduate and an advocate for racial justice and mental health. She is a strong believer in the power of yoga and meditation to restore peace of mind. When she is not teaching yoga and meditation, Nancy is an inclusion consultant in the wellness industry. She was recently the assistant teacher trainer in Happy Tree yoga’s Advanced Hatha 300hr Yoga Teacher Training. ⁠

Her intention is to teach in a joyful way that nourishes the mind, body and soul. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Nancy’s classes serve her students, whether their desire is to reduce stress, improve flexibility, accelerate the healing of an injury, or change their lifestyle. ⁠

In her former life, Nancy worked as a financial analyst for an investment bank on Wall Street. 


Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor
Grace Van Der Meer

Grace emphasizes creating attainable lifestyle changes for long term results. As a Personal Trainer, she specializes in Functional Strength & Conditioning, especially to those with special conditions (ie; Heart conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc...).

Previously a full time student athlete, her approach to fitness is based on both science and experience.

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