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Introducing body neutral fitness workshops, designed specifically for teams.

Our workshops aim to bring people together and offer a fun opportunity to boost morale and maintain a sense of comradery amongst colleagues, while also learning about body neutrality.

Being body neutral means accepting and being neutral towards your physical appearance, rather than constantly striving for perfection. It is about respecting your body, regardless of what you look like. In this workshop, participants will learn how to approach fitness from a body neutral perspective, and how to rise with resilience in fitness and in everyday life.  

Our workshops are both highly interactive and introspective, with the main goal of building resilience through body neutrality and body neutral fitness. We will guide participants through a light hearted and interactive journey through the history of fitness, body neutrality, and how to implement body neutrality into everyday life. Games and activities will be sprinkled throughout. The workshop will finish with a body neutral fitness class where participants will immediately put their new skills and mindset into action!


We create an intimate and welcoming space where each participant gets attention and can feel a sense of belonging. This workshop isn’t just about building resilience or “working out”, but fostering community as well.


Fill out a quick and easy application form so we can understand your organization's needs


We'll come up with the perfect workshop for you and what you're looking for


Witness your organization reap the benefits of body neutrality, and begin to Rise with Resilience!


With busy jobs and demanding home lives, it is increasingly difficult for employees to find the time to both exercise AND maintain comradery amongst their colleagues. Numerous studies have shown that corporate fitness programs have the potential to decrease absence, increase morale, and increase job productivity. Our unique body neutral approach to fitness not only solves this problem, but teaches body confidence and respect, helping people to step out into the world with more resilience.

"I know how mentally draining it is to be constantly surrounded by messages that you need to change how you look. Through my own experiences, and the experiences of my numerous clients over the years, I have developed a workshop to teach women how to feel better about themselves through body neutral fitness. By removing how we look from the dialogue we create space for joy, for fun, and for total body acceptance!
These workshops aren't just about building resilience or “working out”, but fostering community as well."​

- Jenni Morse, founder of Rise with Resilience™ -



“Jenni does a great job of making you feel comfortable in your own body. No judgement, and she has a way of keeping you going in a fun way!”

- Emily -

“Jenni, I love your beautiful spirit. You are a kind and inspiring instructor. This program drastically helped me to reduce my work stress level and put life into perspective.

- Laure -

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such a fun evening! The members who attended had lots of positive feedback and thought it was a fun and informative event. Several said, "I almost didn't come but, I'm so happy that I did because it was lots of fun!"

- Kimberly -

Ready for your employees to RISE?

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What are the benefits of body neutrality?

Body neutrality is the ability to accept and respect your body, even if it does not look exactly how you would like. With body neutrality there is no pressure to feel any specific way about your body. It is known to reduce anxiety, lower stress, and improve mood. Because of this, body acceptance is much more attainable since the focus is not on how we look. The goal is to feel good in your body and feel good when moving your body.


What are some negative effects of not practicing body neutrality?

Negative effects include:

  • struggling with low confidence and self-esteem

  • feeling lost/intimidated in a fitness environment

  • intense shame/depression/anxiety that forces them to miss out on life

  • attempt to change their body through dangerous drugs and cosmetic procedures

  • life in general will never be satisfying enough because the one and only important thing is what they look like


What are the facility needs?

We require a room big enough for 10-20 participants, tables and chairs for each participant, and a projector and screen. We will provide the sound system for the fitness class at the end of the workshop.


We can also offer a virtual option through Zoom or similar.

*If you do not have access to a facility, we can find one at an extra charge*


How much does the workshop cost?

Every workshop is different and customized based on the participants. Reach out to us and we can start the conversation!

Who will be delivering the workshop?

The workshop and fitness class will be delivered by Rise with Resilience’s founder, Jenni Morse. Another team member will also be present to assist if needed.


Who is the workshop for?

We can cater the workshop to all demographics, customizing the programming based on the group of people that will be in attendance. Some examples of groups are women/women identifying, team specific, LGBTQIA2S+, older adults, etc.

Get in touch about a team building workshop for your staff

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