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Becoming Body Neutral - by Rise with Resilience™


BECOMING BODY NEUTRAL - a new online course where you will learn how to be adopt a body neutral mindset, in fitness and in everyday life. Presented directly to you, on your own time, in your own home. 💻 This online course goes beyond what you look like, and teaches you how to truly live a body neutral life. Being body neutral means: 🌿 Body acceptance and respect, regardless of what you look like 🌿Celebrating what your body does for you, instead of how it looks 🌿Respecting and appreciating your body as a vehicle for life, knowing that your outer appearance is not the most important thing about you. What to expect: 👉 A journey back in time to what women have gone through with their bodies 👉 A deep dive into body neutrality, and how to put it into practice to improve your body image 👉 Several activites where you will learn more about yourself, and create specific body neutral action steps that you can implement into your daily life 👉 How to use fitness as a way to actually feel better about yourself and more empowered, instead of as a way to punish yourself 👉 A yoga class at the very end where you will put everything you just learned into immediate action and finally RISE WITH RESILIENCE! Whether you want to learn about body neutrality for yourself, or you want to be able to teach it to your friends, students, daughters, etc, then this course is going to be extremely valuable for you. This course will take you approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. You can split it up into different days, or do it all in one shot. It's up to you! You are in control. Note however that you will have 30 days to have access to this course.





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