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What is Body Neutrality?

Fitness has historically been sold to us as a way to transform our bodies on the outside into something that is not always realistic or healthy. The industry has repeatedly pressured us to look a certain way.

But what if I told you that working out and exercising can be fun and completely detached from what you look like?

At Rise with Resilience we believe in body neutrality; accepting and appreciating your body for everything it does for you, regardless of what you look like. It’s okay to sometimes not love your body, and sometimes body positivity can make you feel sad, or like you’re gaslighting yourself, when you’re having a bad body image day. With body neutrality there is no pressure to feel any specific way about your body. Your body is a vessel, a vehicle for life, and nothing more. Being body neutral teaches you to value yourself for more than just what you look like. Body image is a non-issue here. We are body neutral and proud!

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