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Our monthly membership is an uplifting, empowering, body-neutral fitness program with a focus on how you FEEL, and not how you look.

By focusing on how movement makes us feel, we create space for joy, for fun, and for confidence to rise! All our classes are music based so they are FUN and there is never any mention of what you look like. We are constantly moving to the beat, improving our physical health, shifting our mindset from how we LOOK to how moving makes us FEEL, and most importantly we’re having a damn good time!

Online body neutral community

What your membership includes

1. 7-day free trial, during which your credit card will not be charged!

2. New class recordings that are uploaded every month. Every month you will also have continued access to the previous month's classes, so you can choose to either keep doing the classes from the month before, or do the new releases, or both!

3. Exclusive members-only tutorials.

4. Body neutral themes at the beginning of each month.

Inclusive bodi neutral fitness membership

5. Private facebook group to stay up to date, ask questions, and chat with Jenni and the rest of our body inclusive fitness community.

6. Quarterly 30 minute one-on-one zoom chat with Jenni (optional).

7. Special discount on Rise with Resilience merch.

8. Free access to Rise with Resilience workshops and events.

Types of workouts you will get

Al home workout subscripton


Latin dance fitness classes that are fun, energetic, and make you feel amazing! In this class, we’ll cycle through various songs and intensities. Do you like Salsa? Reggaeton? Merengue? Cumbia? Bachata? Flamenco? Well, you’re in luck! We dance to all those rhythms and more!

Happy HIIT

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Don't run away yet! This full body workout is still fun! We'll move to the beat of the music while challenging our fitness! Instead of a timer (boring!), we use the music to decide how long each move is, making the workout go by a lot more quickly and more enjoyable than your typical HIIT class. Dumbbells and a mat are required.

Blissful Barre
Inspired by ballet, this fun-filled class is a true full-body workout. The focus is on high reps and small-range movements. You will develop your strength and flexibility, just like a professional ballerina! (a chair, a mat, and light dumbbells are required) 

Yummy Yogalates
A full-body workout fusing yoga and pilates that will leave you feeling aligned and in control (a yoga mat, light dumbbells, and a looped booty band are required for this class)

Still got more questions? Visit our FAQ here.

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