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uplifting, empowering, body neutral

Have a sneak peek at the experience!

You are strong
You are resilient
You got this

This is your time to reward yourself with feel-good movement, and celebrate YOU!




Get a taste of what it feels like to RISE before you commit long term



A virtual call to get you started on the right track. We’ll go over your specific needs and develop a plan together to begin your new journey with us!



This is where your journey begins and the magic starts to happen...

Online Fitness Subscription

Body neutral fitness experience

Rise with Resilience is a unique fitness experience that offers a safe space where people from all backgrounds can come together and move. By focusing on how movement makes us feel, we create space for joy, for fun, and for confidence to RISE! All our classes are music based so they are FUN and there is never any mention of what we look like. We are constantly moving to the beat, improving our physical health, shifting our mindset from how we look to how moving makes us feel, and most importantly we’re having a damn good time! See how 45 minutes a day can help you Rise with Resilience!


My biggest success with Rise with Resilience was accepting the way that I look on the outside. I appreciate you, your classes, and the positive messages you send! I would tell people to sign up for Rise with Resilience because your body will feel amazing! Jenni always sends out a positive energy which makes you feel really good about yourself.

- Gloria

Online fitness subscription

Weight, height, age, gender identity, race; these are only some of the numerous ways you might feel uncomfortable in your body, and the fitness industry and diet culture certainly don’t help. Bodies change, bodies fluctuate. We go through tough times. We are constantly faced with adversity, discrimination. But guess what… you are RESILIENT. Why? Because you’re here. You’re reading this text. You’ve made it this far.


This is your time to celebrate all that you have been through and indulge in fitness that is empowering. You deserve it.

I feel proud of what I can do, physically, as a result of participating in this program. It also increases my feelings of happiness - it gets my endorphins firing! I love the music you use. I LOVE your inspirational spirit!! Thank you for keeping me active.

- Joni


Your membership includes:

New class recordings uploaded every month
Every month you will also have continued access to the previous month's classes, so you can choose to either keep doing the classes from the month before, or do the new releases, or both!

Exclusive members-only tutorials
and quarterly 30 minute Zoom chats with Jenni (optional)

Free access to Rise with Resilience workshops and events
and a special discount on Rise with Resilience merch.

More questions? Visit out FAQ section


Jenni does a great job of making you feel comfortable in your own body. No judgement, and she has a way of keeping you going in a fun way!

- Emily

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