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Cheers to 2024!

Happy New Year!! At Rise with Resilience, I'm proud to continually promote a body-neutral approach to fitness that embraces all shapes, sizes, and abilities. My focus isn't on conforming to societal ideals but on fostering a supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to explore their unique fitness journey without judgment. Join me in celebrating the beauty of diverse bodies, cultivating strength, and embracing the joy of movement.

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering at home/at work personal training for a few select people. During my personalized training sessions, I go beyond the surface. I'm here to guide you on a journey toward an empowered lifestyle, encouraging you to embrace and respect your body as an extraordinary vessel for life.


Does this sound like you?

  • you live or work in downtown Montreal, Nun’s Island, or Brossard

  • you have access to a fitness space in your home, condo building, or office (a living room is fine too!)

  • you're just beginning your fitness journey, or starting up again after a long break

  • you want to get stronger, improve your posture, feel more confident in a fitness space, learn new things in the gym, improve your health, and/or feel better overall

  • you’re available to work out weekdays early mornings or at lunchtime


If this sounds like you, let’s chat!



This past fall I was so overjoyed to have taught 2 of my body neutral fitness workshops. The first was for a newcomer’s club for women in Montreal. I was a newcomer to Montreal once as well, and although it’s been 10 years since I’ve lived here it often still feels like I’m new here haha! So I know how it feels to move to a new city, not know anyone, and have to start over. Your world gets turned upside down and often times your body image starts to suffer! You’re meeting new people, you get stuck in the comparison trap, and boom - you have a bad body image day (or several). I saw so clearly how valuable my workshop was to this group of women because they learned about body neutrality - accepting and appreciating their body for everything it does for them, not what it looks like - and it also offered a fun opportunity for them to get to know each other more as I challenged them to reflect on what it is that they should truly value about themselves and their peers. There were several “aha” moments which were a joy for me to witness as a workshop facilitator. My personal favourite part was challenging them to come up with body nuetral compliments that have nothing to do with what you look like (it's harder than it sounds!)


The second workshop was in Toronto for a small group of young moms, all under the age of 21, many of them teenagers. I was so pleasantly surprised that a lot of them had healthy body image already, and would speak about their bodies light heartedly. Their main focus was wanting to be good mothers and set good examples for their kids, so we focused a lot on that. The theme for both of these workshops was teaching them to value themselves and their kids for who they are, not their outer appearance.


I'd love to come and teach one of my workshops to your team or organization as well. If interested, check out more info here:

Here's to a New Year filled with positive vibes, self-discovery, and a fitness journey that feels right for YOU.

xox - Jenni

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