Body Positivity vs Body Neutrality

I am so thrilled to learn that so many people resonate with body neutrality like I do. Some have told me that they like the idea of accepting the body they have now, instead of constantly trying to alter it. Others have told me that they want to feel less pressure to be positive all the time. Body neutrality is something that will help a lot of people so I am so excited to share it!

To simplify, body positivity is all about encouraging yourself to be positive about - and to celebrate - your body. I have subscribed to body positivity for a very long time, but in recent years I started to notice the toxicity of it. When you are constantly receiving messages to love your body, what happens on the days that you don’t love your body? Are you wrong? Are your feelings invalid? The pressure to constantly be positive about your body actually does a lot of harm, because it says that what you feel naturally is incorrect. It can also take a very negative toll on you mentally because you are not free to express yourself truly and authentically.

Everyone should learn to love themselves at their own speed, and everyone should be free to feel whatever feelings that come their way.

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Jenni – Rise with Resilience™