Fitness is about health and about feeling good!

I had a crazy idea the other day. I was thinking about cavemen/cavewomen and how everything was brand new to them; every activity was a discovery! What an exciting time to be alive!

I imagined them discovering stretching for the first time; waking up in the morning and just intuitively reaching their arms up to the sky, opening up their chests, and getting a little *snap* *crackle* *pop* in their spine. How life-changing of a discovery must that have been? To realize that such a simple movement could make you feel instantly amazing. And from there, more and more ways to FEEL GOOD were discovered. Movement, stretching, exercise; it didn’t start because of how people looked, it started because it was a necessity, and it felt good.

Somewhere along the way (ahem the 20th century) we decided we should work out in order to change how we look, but this is not what fitness is supposed to be about! Fitness is about health and about feeling good. So let’s try to get back to that, shall we?


Jenni – Rise with Resilience™