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The problem with fitness

I remember I was at the gym once waiting for my class to start and as a female bodybuilder walked by I heard several women around me snicker and whisper about how she’s too muscly. I have heard similar chatter about how big certain women were, how bad their skin was, how bad of a dancer they were... As a fitness instructor, I’ve heard a lot in the locker room! And yes, I’ve heard things said about me too. It really bothers me how much value we as a society place on appearances. It has thus been my mission to make body image a non-issue for all, and I do this through body neutral fitness.

During the pandemic I came across the term “body neutrality” and it immediately sparked my interest. I quickly discovered how many other people felt the same way. We can all agree that loving our body every day is DAMN HARD, but body neutrality allows you to be okay with that! Not only is it okay, but it is completely normal. After many years of navigating the gruesome industries of dance and fitness, I finally found a philosophy that works for me and works for my numerous students. Body neutrality allows you to accept your body as it is, encouraging you to focus on how movement makes you FEEL. By removing body image from the dialogue we create space for joy, for fun, and for total body acceptance.

We should be able to enjoy life, and more specifically fitness, without being constantly reminded about how we look.


Jenni – Rise with Resilience™

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