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Connecting with your inner child

I’ve been connecting with a lot of young people here on this page, a lot teenagers and young adults in their first or second years at university. I often get asked for advice on how to find the motivation to work out when you are self-conscious about how you look.

We were not born with body image issues (note that body image issues and body dysmorphia are two very separate things). Our dislike of our bodies is something we acquired gradually as we grew up, and it is something that has to do with what we believe other people think about us (and what people say to us as well, unfortunately).

I remember very vividly a time when I was maybe 6 years old, running around in the backyard through the sprinkler with my friends, not ever thinking about what I looked like. We were free, we were happy, we were confident.

My biggest piece of advice if you want to start working out but are self-conscious about how you look is to connect with your inner child. So now, I invite YOU to think back to a time in your childhood where you felt the most free. Think back to what you enjoyed doing (long walks with your dad, epic bike rides in the forest, playing tag during recess). If you enjoyed doing those things as a kid, you will enjoy doing those things as a teenager and adult. If you don’t have happy childhood memories, think back to what you always wanted to do as a kid, and try the “grown up” version today.

You will get there. And if you are struggling, reach out to me! I can offer you some ideas on how to get started

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