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Fitness with a focus on how you FEEL, and not how you look

Body neutral fitness with a focus on how you FEEL, not how you look!

Participate in a livestream class or make your own schedule and work out anytime, anywhere.

Welp, gyms are closed again in Montreal... Virtual fitness is here to stay, and if you want a program that makes you feel GOOD then I have the solution for you.

Weight, height, age, gender identity, race; these are only some of the numerous ways you might feel at odds with your body. It is common to have moments of dissatisfaction with the way that you look, but think about all the time, money, energy and emotion you wasted over the years worrying about how you might appear to others. In my classes, body image is made to be a non-issue, because it truly doesn’t have to matter what you look like.

If you have ever struggled with body image issues (who hasn't!), then I invite you to approach fitness with a body neutral mindset. If you want to exercise for your mental and physical well-being, and not necessarily to change your appearance, then this is the place for you! All my classes are music based so they are FUN and there is never any mention of what you look like. We are constantly moving to the beat, improving our physical health, shifting our mindset from how we LOOK to how moving makes us FEEL, and most importantly we’re having a damn good time!

Check out for all the info and we'll get through this together, wherever you are in the world!

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