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So you wanna "workout for you" but don't know where to start

Picture this: you decide you want to work out because you hear it can feel good, it’s good for you, and it makes you happy. You go to the gym and after your first day, you dread going back. You realize you hate working out. Does this sound familiar?

Lots of people say “I want to work out for me” without knowing where to start. If this sounds like you, I offer you this:

Think back to your childhood; that time when you were “free to be” without thinking about what other people thought of you. What did you love doing?

Was it running around in the sprinklers? Join a running club!

Long bike rides? Spinning class is for you!

Hiking up and down the hills in your neighbourhood? Grab your favourite podcast and get moving!

Dancing in your kitchen? Easy. ZUMBA!

Spent your whole birthday party in the bouncy castle? Try a trampoline class or Kangoo Jumps!

Always at the beach? Join a swimming league or synchro class!

You get the picture ;) The answer is within you. You just need to start searching.

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