The diet and fitness industry profits off of our insecurities...

Thoughts of your body image are taking up so much space in your brain that you cannot enjoy other parts of your life. You do not feel comfortable in your body and cannot accept your body, so you either are ashamed and hide, or try to change how you look.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

The diet and fitness industry profits off of our insecurities and focuses on the idea that we should change our appearance. Give in to this, and life in general will never be satisfying enough because the one and only important thing will be what you like…

…but it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Rise with Resilience we are BODY NEUTRAL and PROUD! It’s okay to sometimes not love our bodies, and being body neutral means there is no pressure to feel any specific way about our appearance. We believe body image resilience is much more attainable when we don’t focus our attention on what we look like.

We may not always love our bodies, but every day we can make the conscious decision to respect our bodies.