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What's new at Rise with Resilience

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Hello and happy Monday, dear Rise with Resilience community! Here’s what’s new over here:

All our on-demand classes are now 45 minutes long. This is the perfect amount of time for an online fitness class as it is short enough to fit into your schedule (which is probably getting busier as things continue to open up) and long enough to get an amazing full workout!

As you already know, every month on the first Monday all the new classes are uploaded. I have decided to have 2 sets of classes available to members every month; the previous set of classes AS WELL AS the new set of classes. So every month you can choose to either keep doing the classes from the month before, or do the new releases, or both! More choices! Yay! We have a 7-day free trial so you can experience the magic that is Rise with Resilience. Learn more here:

Finally, we recently released our new line of merch! My personal fave is the RESILIENT t-shirt dress. Check out everything we have on sale here:

Have a wonderful day and week, and keep on Rising with Resilience!

xox Jenni

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